Version 13.0.2

Introducing VetClinicPro Version 13.0.2

We’re excited to bring you the latest enhancement to VetClinicPro, designed to streamline your clinic’s operations like never before. With our all-new feature in the VetClinicPro companion app, you can now manage key tasks directly from your phones or tablets, making your workflow more efficient and eco-friendly.


🖋️ New Feature: E-Signatures for Pet Procedures

In our ongoing commitment to provide you with cutting-edge tools for managing your clinic, we’re proud to introduce a game-changing feature: E-Signatures. This innovation allows your clinic to obtain electronic signatures from customers directly on your tablet, ensuring smooth and paperless transactions.


📋Simplified Approval Process

With our E-Signature feature, obtaining approval from pet owners for medical procedures has never been easier. Say goodbye to the hassle of printing and scanning documents. Now, you can present documents to your customers on your clinic’s tablet and have them sign electronically, all within the VetClinicPro companion app.


🌱 Benefits of E-Signatures in VetClinicPro 

Efficiency: Expedite the approval process for pet procedures and reduce waiting times for your customers.

Environmental Responsibility: Go green by eliminating the need for paper, saving resources and reducing your clinic’s carbon footprint.

Accuracy: Ensure that all necessary documentation is complete and error-free, reducing the risk of misunderstandings.

Convenience: Your customers can easily sign on your tablet, making the process more user-friendly and enhancing their experience at your clinic.


🚀 How It Works

  1. Select the Document: Choose the document that requires a signature, such as operation approval forms, treatment consent, or discharge instructions.

  2. Present to Customer: Display the document on your clinic’s tablet using the VetClinicPro companion app.

  3. E-Signature: The customer can sign the document electronically using their finger or stylus.

  4. Save and Share: Once signed, the document is securely saved within VetClinicPro, and you can easily share a copy with the customer.


Empower your clinic, delight your customers, and embrace a paperless future with VetClinicPro!


**For veterinary clinics who haven’t purchased the companion app and wish to do so, please don’t hesitate to contact us to explore this tool and enhance your clinic’s capabilities. Your success is our priority!

Version 13.0.1

Introducing VetClinicPro Version 13.0.1 

We’re thrilled to unveil the latest addition to VetHub, your trusted marketplace for veterinary clinics and professionals. In this new update, we’ve partnered with a leading provider to offer an invaluable service to your clinic: Pet Funeral Services.


🌟 New Service Alert: Pet Funeral Services

In response to your feedback and our commitment to supporting your clinic’s success, we’re introducing an additional service category within VetHub – Pet Funeral Services. (Operated by the licensed Angels Pet Cemetery & Over the Bridge cremation services)

🕊️ Cremations and Burials

Now, veterinary clinics using VetClinicPro can access high-quality, licensed pet funeral services, including cremations and burials, directly through VetHub. This partnership not only allows you to provide a comprehensive range of services to your clients but also presents a revenue-generating opportunity for your clinic.


🤝 Discounted Rates for Clinics

We understand the importance of cost-effectiveness for your practice. That’s why we’ve negotiated exclusive discounted rates with our new provider. You can now access these essential services at a reduced cost, enabling you to enhance your clinic’s offerings while maximizing your profitability.


💔Offering Comfort During Grief 

Pet funeral services are an essential part of providing complete care for your clients and their beloved animals. With VetHub’s new addition, you can extend your services beyond medical care, offering solace and support during the difficult times of pet loss.


🚀 How It Works
  1. Offer to Clients: Present these services to your clients at competitive retail prices, as set by the provider.
  2. Select and Order: Select the service that best fit your client’s needs and place an order through VetHub’s user friendly interface.
  3. Generate Revenue: Earn a commission-based revenue for your clinic with each cremation or burial service you book through VetHub, while delivering a compassionate and caring service to your clients.


🐾 Empower your clinic. Support your clients. Thrive with VetClinicPro. 🐾

Version 13.0.0

1. Introducing VetHub: Your gateway to external veterinary services and products

We are thrilled to unveil our latest addition to Vet Clinic Pro: VetHub! VetHub is designed to enhance the capabilities of veterinary clinics and professionals by providing a seamless platform to discover and access a wide range of external veterinary services and products.

New providers

a. Animal Care Veterinary Center

-Soft Tissue Surgery

b. VDIC (Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging Center)

-CT Scanning

c. Improve International

-Veterinary courses and programs

If you would be interested in offering a veterinary service or a product through VetHub contact us.


2. Additions to main navigation

Added “VetHub” and “News & Updates” tabs for easy access to veterinary services and information on the latest updates and features of VetClinicPro. These buttons have a distinctive design and appear different to classic theme buttons. They are both found above the “Log Out” button.

VetHub: This is where you will find all external veterinary products and services as described in section 1. Introducing VetHub: Your gateway to external veterinary services and products

News & Updates: Here, you will be notified about current and past software updates as well as information on new tools and features.

3. Invoice Clone

With Invoice Clone, you can easily duplicate existing invoices and make necessary adjustments, saving you time and effort in creating new invoices from scratch.

Invoice Clone allows you to replicate invoices with a single click, carrying over all the relevant information such as client details, patient records, services rendered, and pricing. This feature is particularly beneficial for recurring services or when creating similar invoices for multiple clients.

By cloning invoices, you can maintain consistency in your billing process while reducing manual data entry and the risk of errors. It streamlines your workflow, enabling you to generate invoices quickly and efficiently, ultimately improving the overall productivity of your clinic.

Step by step process:

Select customer > Show Invoices > Select Invoice you want to clone > Select “Invoice Clone” > Select “Yes”












4. Moved Contacts

Contacts can now be found in “Other Functions”. This can be accessed from the main navigation on the right.


5. Bug Fixes & Improvements

Version 12.9.9

1. Bug Fixes & Improvements

Version 12.9.8

1. FIP Questionnaire

You can now submit an FIP Questionnaire from the Labs Section (VetDiagnosis,V3ts)


2. Redesigned Medical History Report


3. Task Tab (New Feature)

Find Task Tab at the Main Menu Area. Organise your day and keep important tasks up front!


4. Bug Fixes

Version 12.9.4

New feature! – More than 9500 Animal And Human Drugs to search for your Prescriptions (Rx), in the Patient Visit window.

New feature! – Visits Dashboard at the Main Screen.

New feature! – Medical Treatment Plan and Estimate Print. Just find it in the Patient Visit window.

Bug fixes!!!

Version 12.9.3

New feature! – More than 9500 Animal And Human Drugs to search for your Prescriptions (Rx), in the Patient Visit window.

New feature! – Visits Dashboard at the Main Screen.

New feature! – Medical Treatment Plan and Estimate Print. Just find it in the Patient Visit window.

Bug fixes!!!

Version 12.8.9

New feature! – Now you can give Prescriptions (Rx). Just find it in the Patient Visit window.

New feature! – Setup your clinic’s Rooms and Areas. Know what type of Equipment is in it. (Find it in the Company Setup Area).

New feature! – Catalog All your Clinic’s Equipment with their Photo, Serial number, Service/Calibration dates, location in the clinic e.t.c.

Bug fixes!!!

Version 12.8.5

New feature! Allows you to specify the number of minutes of inactivity before the software returns to the Log In Screen (This is a GDPR requirement)

Gmail Authentication

New Animated Weight Graph

Right Click function when viewing Reports, and in some of the windows for easier Copy/Paste.

Version 12.7.7

Fixed a Bug causing the Calendar to behave slowly.

Fixed a Bug when changing an invoice customer.

Fixed a Bug in the Items Setup window.

Now change the color theme of your clinics VetClinicPro software.

A complite rededign of the dental form!

Added URL address in diagnostigs and visit attachements.

Fixed the drawer report (Greece issue).

Fixed the detailed sales report (Greece issue).

Enchanced the purchaces window responsiveness.

Fixed an issue in the items setup window.

Various small bug fixes.