Our veterinary software started development in 2010.
In the past 7 years we’ve come to evolve our software to such a degree,
with the on-going feedback from our customers, that we are now the market leaders in Cyprus and Greece.
The main reason for our solution’s dominance in the market is it’s User friendly interface and it’s A – Z approach on all veterinary clinic needs.

Some of the key functions of our solution are as follows:

  • Detailed Veterinary Medical Records, with interfacing on various diagnostic equipment like (IDEXX VetLab Station, X-Ray and Ultrasound equipment) and drawing editor with template drawings for various medical conditions (e.g. Dermatological chart, Dental Chart)
  • Easy Medical history transfer between clinics
  • A very powerful  SMS/EMAIL reminder and marketing engine with the possibility to send personalised SMS/EMAIL to homogenious groups of clients or patients in their language of preference (eg. Puppy patients, certain breeds, certain diseases or condition, customers who bought a certain product or service)
  • Complete multi schedule/doctor appointment engine (connected to each doctor’s Gmail calendar and to the customer’s email with an invitation attachment)
  • Real time heads-up monitor for the  hospitalization jobs, for the nursing team
  • Intercommunication between stations
  • Detailed user’s access control
  • Staff Task reminder with sms and popup screen
  • Dashboard with all information about pets checked  into the clinic, upcoming appointments, outpatients, and hospitalized patients
  • Customer auto check in station using RFID key-ring or card (reduces work load at the reception, and provides a fair waiting list for the customers)
  • Supports Caller ID functionality with popup screen of customer’s details and  call log reporting (e.g. missed calls, duration of calls, number of rings before answering)
  • Complete Pet Hotel module with room reservations and daily staff job lists.
  • Letter templates (e.g. surgery content, birth certificates, death certificates)
  • Wellness Plans to create a group of services and products to be available to your clients over an extended period of time on discounted prices.
  • Invoicing for multiple patients on one customer, estimates, label printing for drug usage, automatic insertion of reminders on bounded products or services e.g. when charging Vanguard 7 it automatically inserts a reminder for next year’s vaccination
  • Combo Charge for one click charge of a predefined list of products and services
  • Compatible with 2D barcode scanner for drug QR code charges with lot/batch number and expiration date, complete lot/batch drug traceability.
  • Easy to use invoicing with all Point of Sales functions e.g. two level discount on invoice “line discount” and “invoice discount”, part invoice payment, credit invoice, sales returns, selective 80mm thermal paper or A4 invoice Printing, save invoices for later completion etc.
  • Credit Customer Management with statement of account and SMS/EMAIL balance reminder.
  • Live stock levels by lot/batch numbers, Low stock Report, Drug Expiring Report.
  • Management accounting for Supplier Balances, Cheque Book Management, Expenses Report and monthly Profit and Loss Report
  • Clock In – Out module for clinic staff
  • Sales Graphs for a more visual representation of your practice performance
  • Touch friendly for Tablet use, for easy access to information around the clinic
  • All clinic customers are synchronized to a Gmail account for offline information about the customer and patients in the phone contacts
  • The clinic database is stored on an in-house  MySql Server, and backups are created automatically twice a day on three different locations e.g. external HDD, Cloud Storage, and ftp transfer